Unique Gift For Men Railroad Pocket Watch


This post is about a Brass Case Pocket Watch That you find under the link.

This is a brass skeleton watch. And makes a unique gift.

A skeleton watch is a watch that has a clear window in the watch face that allows you to see the internal working movement.

This pocket watch has a unique blackface with white’s for the hours. White hands and white secondhand are distinctly visible against the blackface.

It makes a unique gift for any man can is particularly appropriate for a man who gets involved in model railroading or lists a railroad boss in general.

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Pocket Watch Gift For Him

This post is about a very unique Rocco Faced Skeleton Pocket Watch   that you can see under this link.

It has a 24-hour mechanical movement. It is a skeleton watch with two viewing ports One on the front and one on the back.

It comes with 35 cm change. The cover is very nicely designed and unique.

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Clear Faced Skeleton Pocket Watch

About a Unique Skeleton Pocket Watch that you can see by visiting this link.

This is a hefty pocket watch that will make an appreciated unique gift for any man and especially for someone who’s interested in railroads or model railroading.

The white face with Roman numerals and white our and second hands have in the center a clear view.

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Railroad Mug Lynx

Narrow Gauge Steam Engine Lynx

About narrow gauge steam engine Rys and in Poland called Lynx.

The Lynx is a Polish version of the German narrow gauge Riesa (Rys) that was extremely important in the repair of war damage in Wasaw and Wroclaw.

The picture at the right shows a picture of the Lynx that at the PKP station in Sochaczew. You can get a collector’s mug with an image of the Lynx on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs

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During the Second World War, the Rys’ was built in Poland under German supervision.

After the War, construction continued, with some variations, with the engine being called Lynx.

It was used primarily by Polish industry.

The Lynx engine was used as a model to develop the Cn2t Las. The Lynx, a Bn2t, had an axle load too high for the weak forest tracks. So a third axle was added and fire prevention changes were made to the new engine that became the Cn2t Las.

You can see examples of the Rys at Sochaczew and the Warsaw Train Museum.