Decorative Deviled Egg Plate


Decorative Deviled Egg Plate

A decorative egg plate to give as a gift alone or filled with deviled eggs.

decorative deviled egg plate with salad bowl

This egg plate comes in several designs in several colors. See the video at the right which shows all the variations.

And also watch the video at the lower right which shows how to make deviled eggs and how the egg plate is used to present them.

The plate serves more than one purpose. It can be used as a party plate without deviled eggs and all.

In Europe it is used extensively during the Easter season. And in Russia in particular, is extremely popular where people fill the center piece of the egg plate with Kulich and take the egg plate to the church for blessing.

There are two different size of plates. Both for 12 eggs.

They differ in diameter and in the diameter of the center area that is used for salads, dips and whatnot.

This plate ships worldwide. It ships directly from Poland.

You can buy on Amazon in the US, Amazon in the UK, or at the Polish Kitchen and it will be shipped to you directly from Poland.

If you are interested in wholesale quantities of this egg plate, go to this link. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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