Pierogi Maker


Pierogi Maker

An easy to use and easy to clean pierogi maker that makes perfect pierogi every time.

pierogi maker

If anyone knows how to make pierogi, it is a pierogi maker in Poland. That’s just a natural. Poland is the home of the pierogi.

People just love pierogi. It is Poland’s most popular food.

When you make pierogi for a pierogi hungry crowd, you have to make a lot.

The simple and efficient pierogi maker shown at the right speeds up the process and make perfect pierogi every time.

Now you can have one of these for yourself directly from Poland.

How To Use The Pierogi Maker

1) Lay pierogi dough over the tool. –

2) Add filling to the naturally forming pockets. –

3) Put another layer of dough over the top. –

4) Seal and separate the pierogi by a running a rolling pin over the top. –

5) Pop the pierogi in a pot of boiling water and serve. —

Make Delicious Homemade Pierogi For The Holidays –

With the capability of making 14 pierogi per minute, you can make enough of perfect pierogi for a large gathering in a short time.

Do Something Different. Have A Pierogi Party. –

Invite some people over to make any pierogi. Let the kids get involved. Make any pierogi and make enough for people to take home.

Make perfect pierogi every time – Up to 14 a minute

Easy to use, dishwasher safe, unbreakable, easy to store

The modern way to make authentic, traditional Polish pierogi quickly and easily

Comes from Poland where it is used all over the Country

Great for pierogi parties

You may buy it at the Polish Kitchen. And at the Polish Kitchen you can get it with our pierogi cookbook. Click here to go to the Polish Kitchen.